Buffalo Hump is a condition where a fat deposit appears in between the shoulders and on the base of the neck. Those who suffer from it often feel embarrassed by it and the way it affects their posture and general appearance. But Buffalo Hump can be a lot more serious than just a cosmetic nuisance. In many cases, it is a sign that can indicate hormonal imbalance.

Buffalo Hump is usually connected directly to Cushing’s syndrome, which is a chronic condition of Cortisol hormone imbalance. It can also be caused by steroidal medications that are prescribed to treat autoimmune and inflammatory responses. Or it can be generated by the body itself when the metabolism and various bodily functions are off balance.

Other reasons for Buffalo hump are poor posture, osteoporosis (bone tissue thinning), genetic tendency, menopause, giving birth, nursing without proper support, obesity, lifting heavy weights regularly and kyphosis. In most cases it’s a combination of a few of these.

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