What Katy Did Next (1886) is a children's book by Sarah Chauncey Woolsey, working under the pen name Susan Coolidge. It follows the stories What Katy Did (1872) and What Katy Did At School (1873) and tells the adventures of Katy Carr as she travels to Europe.

The book opens by reintroducing the Carr family and introducing the widow Mrs. Ashe. Mrs. Ashe has her nephew, Walter, over for a visit and it is discovered that he has scarlet fever. Anxious that her only daughter Amy should not contract the disease, Amy is sent to live with the Carrs where she builds up a particular rapport with the eldest daughter Katy. Following Walter's recovery, Mrs. Ashe decides that she should have a vacation to Europe and asks that Katy be her travel companion. Initially reluctant due to familial obligations, Katy is persuaded by her father to go and is given $300 for the trip.

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