"Pegasus" is a highly sophisticated surveillance software developed by an Israeli firm called the NSO Group (NSO stands for Niv, Shalev and Omri, the names of the company's founders). "Pegasus", once installed on a phone, will be able to create a mirror of all messages, all emails received, all calls received and made through the browser. It was created for the purpose of conducting surveillance on alleged numbers used by terrorists. The Company is based in Herzliya, near Tel Aviv, Israel.

The biggest USP (Unicode Script Processor) of the "Pegasus" for its users is the seamless intrusion it promises where an individual targeted may not even have an idea that their phone is compromised. The software can also be installed by exploiting a security bug in voice calls through WhatsApp and similar apps. Once installed, "Pegasus" can potentially access every information available on the phone, even encrypted chats and files.

According to several reports, software was used in targeted attacks against human rights activities and journalists in various countries, was used in state espionage against Pakistan and others. On November 3, 2021, the United States added the NSO group to its Entity List, for acting "contrary to the foreign policy and national security interests of the US". However, NSO claims that it provides authorised governments with technology that helps them combat terror and crime.

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