The Congress Hotel has graced the Chicago skyline since 1893. With a 125-year history, the hotel has seen plenty of ups and downs. The gorgeous hotel still offers impeccable service and care to its guests. The hotel prides itself on being a landmark of the city. Still it is said that on the 12th floor of this haunted hotel, the Congress Plaza Hotel has a sealed room without a doorknob.

This is a stunning hotel that has seen some unpleasant moments in its history. Some of them have been so bad that the rooms involved are no longer open to the public. One of the most mysterious rooms is the unnumbered room on the twelfth floor. Rumors about this room say that it is haunted and terrifying. Thus, it had to be sealed off.

Since it is an unnumbered room, information or facts about the room are hard to discover. Guests however report that they can find a sealed off area and that it sounds like a room is behind the hollow area. The entire floor can give off a very creepy feeling and staff members don't appear to be interested in discussing the room. People often make their way up to the 12th floor to see if they can communicate with any ghosts that are supposed to be in the area. There are many conflicting rumors and stories. One may never know what happened with the sealed room that has frightened so many. People say, "They are aware that when they stay in the Congress their imaginations often get the best of them when they think of the 12th floor."

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