The Association For International Sport for All (TAFISA) is one Sport for All organisation. With more than 270 members from over 150 countries on all continents, TAFISA aims to achieve an Active World by globally promoting and facilitating access for every person to Sport for All and physical activity.

TAFISA began in the 1960s as the semi regular gathering of international but individual personalities and leaders interested and working in the field of Sport for All, under the title ‘Trim and Fitness’.

In 1991, the organisation TAFISA, Trim And Fitness International Sport for All Association, was officially formed and its statues registered with the law courts of Frankfurt, Germany.

In 2009, TAFISA officially changed its name to ‘The Association For International Sport for All’ to more accurately describe its activities and its position as the leading international Sport for All association.

To encourage as many people around the world as possible to become involved in Sport for All and physical activity, TAFISA has developed a wide range of programs and events, that range for single day physical activity events to targeted, education programs. TAFISA programs and events include: TAFISA World Sport for All Games, TAFISA World Martial Arts Games, TAFISA European Games, TAFISA World Challenge Day, TAFISA World Walking Day etc.

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