Puerto Princesa, officially the City of Puerto Princesa, is a city located in the western Philippine province of Palawan, and is the westernmost city in the Philippines.

Today, Puerto Princesa is a tourist city with many beach resorts and seafood restaurants. It has been acclaimed several times as the cleanest and greenest city in the Philippines. Puerto Princesa is known as the "Eco-Tourism Center of the Philippines". In recent years, the city has seen an increase in the number of tourists bringing with them trade and businesses for the city. Many hotels ranging from basic to five-star luxury accommodations have been developed since the 1990s to cater to a growing number of foreign and local tourists in the city.

Unlike most of the Philippines, Palawan is biogeographically part of Sundaland (a biogeographical region of Southeastern Asia corresponding to a larger landmass), with a fauna and flora related to that found in Borneo.

Palawan has 700,000 hectares of forests (as of 2010) and has been called the Philippines' "last biodiversity frontier."

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