Helium is the gas with the atomic number 2 and the symbol He. It's the second element of the periodic table. Helium is a gas with no color, taste or odor. It boils and melts at the lowest temperature points among all the chemical elements of the table.

Actually, helium was first discovered on the sun, not on the Earth. Many scientists of the 19th century were curious about this unknown element producing a yellow line in the sun's spectrum. An English astronomer Norman Lockyer gave it the name Helium. The hunt to find helium on our planet lasted till 1895, when a Scottish chemist William Ramsay found it in the course of the experiment with gases.

Nowadays helium is produced in a laboratory setting and is widely used in different spheres. Balloons and blimps, for example, are inflated with the use of helium. Helium doesn't combine with other elements, as well as neon: these two elements have never been observed as a part of a compound.

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