Chrometophobia (also called Chrematophobia) is the intense fear of money. Both the words, Chrometophobia and Chrematophobia originate from Greek chermato meaning money and phobos meaning deep aversion, dread or fear.

Money is a necessity of life. However, to a person suffering from Chrematophobia, dealing with money is extremely difficult. The phobia naturally affects one’s daily life as shopping or working, traveling on buses and trains etc becomes very difficult. Some phobics are only afraid of the corrupting power of money; still others might fear financial failures or the responsibility money brings. Some cases of fear of money phobia might be related to fear of germs as a result of which the person might be afraid to touch money handled by someone else. Many go to the extent of wearing gloves to avoid getting sick after handling money. In general, Chrometophobia is a rare phobia affecting handful of people around the world.

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