In the streets of Zundert, Netherlands, the Bloemencorso Zundert, or Zundert Flower Parade, began in 1936 to honor Queen Wilhelmina's birthday. The Parade originally had modest horse-drawn floats and decorated bicycles, but it has since grown into a massive spectacle with giant, fantastical floats built by residents of 20 hamlets around Zundert to compete to be crowned champion for the year. The floats are covered in thousands of flowers, and uniquely, only dahlias are used to craft the elaborate displays. Over 600,000 dahlias from dozens of species are grown locally just for the parade - the largest flower parade on Earth!

Corso Zundert is the biggest flower parade in the world and is created and driven entirely by volunteers. The parade is held through the streets of Zundert on the first Sunday afternoon in September. A professional jury ranks the floats, and only the winner may stop at the second passage along the main grandstands, resulting in an emotional outbreak dubbed the ‘Zundert jubilee’. Zundert is crazy about its parade, the whole year through. Floats are on display at the exhibition area on Sunday night and the next Monday. In August, the public can visit the flower fields and the building tents in which the floats are constructed.

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