God in Islam is the eternal Supreme Being who created and preserves all things. Allah is God’s most unique Name, grandly referred to as 'Lafẓ al-Jalālah' (The Word of Majesty). It occurs in the Qur’an 2,697 times in 85 of its 114 suras.

In Islam, God is conceived as absolutely one, unique, and perfect, free from all faults, deficiencies, and defects, and further held to be omnipotent, omniscient, and completely infinite in all of his attributes, who has no partner or equal, being the sole creator of everything in existence. Islam emphasizes that God is strictly singular, all-merciful and all-compassionate, whose mercy embraces everything; who neither slumbers nor sleeps, nor is obnoxious to decay nor death.

According to Islamic theology, God has no physical body or gender (neither male nor female), although he is always referred to with masculine grammatical articles only.

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