Introduced in late 1921, the Austin 12 (later known as the 'Heavy 12/4') became a legend within its production lifetime. In many ways, a scaled-down version of the existing 20/4 model, was based around a sturdy ladder-frame chassis equipped with rod-operated drum brakes and all-around semi-elliptic leaf-sprung suspension. Powered by a 1661cc side-valve four-cylinder engine allied to a four-speed manual transmission, the newcomer could be had with a variety of open or closed body styles and even saw service in the carriage trade. Renowned for its durability and dependability, the Austin has long held a special place in Vintage car circles.

One of the most popular cars of its time, the Austin 12/4 became the byword for dependability. Sturdily built and economical to run, a good number have survived to the present day and are frequently seen at Vintage vehicle meetings and events.

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