'Polyspora gardneri' is a critically endangered species of 'Theaceae', previously known as 'Gordonia speciosa'. This species is at high risk of extinction, being found in just one location which holds fewer than one hundred individual trees. This species used to be common in forests above Ramboda, Sri Lanka but has undergone severe population declines. It is predicted that continued hazards put the species at risk of a further decline of 25% which would leave only 75 trees in the wild! This species is restricted to Sri Lankan mountain tops at altitudes exceeding 1,270 m.

The greatest threat to the species is habitat loss. Much of 'P. gardneri’s' native habitat has been cleared to make room for tea plantations and now the remaining forest fragments are becoming encroached by unplanned urbanisation and tourist influx. The tree bark is used for medical purposes.

More Info: globaltrees.org