The Libertarian Party is America's third largest political party. It is also third fastest growing political party. Libertarians work on a lot of projects, striving for everyone's liberty on every point.

The Libertarian Party was created in December of 1971. Leaders of the party realized that the politicians had deviated from America's initial libertarian strategy, with critical results. Their strategy was the same as that of America's founders. They fought for a world of individuals where everyone is free to choose his/her own way and follow the dreams, a world of harmony, peace, opportunity and wealth.

Libertarians know they can't make the world perfect. But at least, they can try and make it better than it's now. They are practical and realistic. Libertarians keep working to create a better, freer society for everyone. William Allen White once said that you will never get your liberty as long as you won't be ready to give it to others.

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