Dune buggy has been around since at least the 1950s, when beach-goers would strip cars down to their frames and put on larger, off-road driving tires for extra traction. Soon, builders were converting Beetles and other small cars into buggies, The buggy, the little Beetle, was thus slimmed down, and made faster and wilder as a result, more exposed to wind and weather. It was a hit. Up into the 1980s, around 250,000 individual vehicles based on the Beetle were produced worldwide in limited series and as one-of-a-kind models: from the Beetle convertible to special and custom-built bodies made by companies like Hebmüller and Rometsch, and also that famous, completely open Meyers Manx buggy. Back then Bruce Meyers not only started a trend that continues to today, but also a company that sold dune-buggy building kits for the small budget. After some problems in the interim, the Meyers Manx company is back again.

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