Cava is Spanish sparkling wine. Cava is made the same way that Champagne is produced, but with different grapes. Thanks to this process, Cava is consistently one of the best sparkling wines in the world. Internationally renowned and available in more than 100 countries, Cava is the most widely exported sparkling wine with a Spanish Designation of Origin.

Cava is made by following a classic method that yields quality and tradition in each and every bottle of this Spanish sparkling wine.

Cava – from the Catalan word for 'cellar' – refers to the Spanish sparkling wine protected by Designation of Origin status that applies in this case to specific areas of Spain and to a 'método tradicional' (traditional method). This method is virtually the same process used to make French Champagne. Curiously, DO Cava is one designation of origin whose products can be made in various different regions of the country. While these include some 160 municipalities found in the Autonomous Communities of La Rioja, Castile-León, Extremadura, Valencia, Aragón, Navarre, and Catalonia, the vast majority of production comes from the latter of these.

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