The Long Riders is a notable film in part due to Hill's decision to cast four sets of actor brothers as the real-life sets of brothers:

  1. The Keaches: Jesse James (James Keach) and Frank James (Stacy Keach)
  2. The Carradines: Cole Younger (David Carradine), Jim Younger (Keith Carradine) and Bob Younger (Robert Carradine)
  3. The Quaids: Ed Miller (Dennis Quaid) and Clell Miller (Randy Quaid)
  4. The Guests: Charley Ford (Christopher Guest) and Robert Ford (Nicholas Guest)

It also features an uncredited appearance by Ever Carradine, daughter of Robert Carradine and niece to David and Keith Carradine. Additionally James Keach's son, Kalen Keach, is cast as Jesse James's son Jesse E. James. Savannah Smith Boucher played Zee, or Jesse James' wife, Zerelda Mimms.

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