Born on August 19th, 1948, the former Second Lady of the United States whilst her husband Al was Vice President (they are now separated), is really called Mary Elizabeth Gore (née Aitcheson), but is widely known by her nickname.

She has a middle class background. Her father (her mother's second husband after her first husband was killed in World War 2) owned and ran a plumbing business. The nickname derives from a lullaby that her mother often used to sing to her.

She was educated at private Catholic schools, and subsequently earned a Bachelor of Psychology degree at Boston University, and a Master's degree in the same subject from Vanderbilt university. She and Al met at her Prom, although he was not her original date!

Perhaps she is now best known for the eponymous "Tipper Stickers", that carry warnings of violence or profanity on DVDs, video games and so on. Though this has been praised in some quarters, others have accused her of advocating censorship. She also remains actively involved in such causes as LGBTQ+ rights and fighting homelessness.

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