César Ritz (23 February 1850 – 24 October 1918 was a Swiss hotelier and founder of several hotels, most famously the Hôtel Ritz in Paris and the Ritz and Carlton Hotels in London (the forerunners of the modern Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company). He was known as "king of hoteliers, and hotelier to kings," and it is from his name and that of his hotels that the term ritzy derives.

By the late 1890s, Ritz was an extremely busy man, with hotel enterprises in Rome, Frankfurt, Salsomaggiore, Palermo, Biarritz, Wiesbaden, Monte Carlo, Lucerne and Menton and projects in Madrid, Cairo and Johannesburg.

He went on to open The Ritz Hotel in London in 1905, which became one of the most popular meeting places of the era for the rich and famous.

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