The Lincoln Highway became one of the first transcontinental highways for automobiles across the USA. The idea of creating a coast-to-coast highway appeared in 1912. It was officially opened in 1913 and is still active today. It started from the Times Square in New York and led west to Lincoln Park in San Francisco. Originally it ran through thirteen states:

In 1915, the "Colorado Loop" was removed and in 1928, a realignment relocated the Lincoln Highway through the northern tip of West Virginia. Today's highway is the main road from NYC to San Francisco. In the course of time the highway has been improved and a lot of changes have been incorporated. As a result, its original length of 3,389 miles was shortened to 3,142 miles. Enthusiastic tourists and travelers usually go off for journeys to cover the whole distance of the Lincoln Highway. A 2016 documentary named 21 Days Under the Sky tells a story of four motorcyclists driving all the way from San Francisco to NY.

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