"Desmond's" is a British television situation comedy broadcast by Channel 4 from 1989 to 1994. Conceived and co-written by Trix Worrell, and produced by Charlie Hanson and Humphrey Barclay, "Desmond's" stars Norman Beaton as barber Desmond Ambrose, whose shop is a gathering place for an assortment of local characters. The show is set in Peckham, London, and features a predominantly black British Guyanese cast. With 71 episodes, "Desmond's" became Channel 4's longest running sitcom in terms of episodes.

Augustus Neapolitan Cleveland "Porkpie" Grant (played by Ram John Holder) was a childhood friend of Desmond's and his best friend in the show. His nickname derived from his habit of always wearing a pork pie hat, even as a young man back in Guyana. His wife Gwendolyn had left him many years earlier after catching him in bed with her best friend Hyacinth Green, who appeared in the final series. Porkpie's wife went to live in Canada, taking their two young daughters with her. Although he had two daughters he often talked about his daughter Denise, who appeared in the fifth episode of the third series, while there was no mention of his other daughter. Porkpie later had his own spin-off series called "Porkpie".

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