Pop-corn is an American seed of fortune! For sure, North America is famous for its corn fields and wide production of pop-corn. America made this snack a pasteboard of the whole nation and put it on the level of world acceptance. The kernels of other grasses do not pop at high temperatures. This super power belongs only to corn and that is the ability for corn to be proud of!

The history of pop-corn is really exciting. The first thing for you to know is that this original formula of corn cooking was brought to Europe from the native tribes of America. But why does only corn pop while heated? All the other kernels also have enough water in them. The reason is that corn's capsule does not let water and steam leak out so the inner pressure inside of a corn kernel increases, causing it to pop. To make corn pop, it should be heated at the temperature of 350F and oiled. However, bear in mind that all the kernels must be of high quality: clean and well preserved. Overdried grain will not pop!