She-Ra is a fictional character in the 1985 Filmation cartoon "She-Ra: Princess of Power" and its 2018 reboot "She-Ra and the Princesses of Power". In the 1980s series, She-Ra was intended to extend the appeal of the "Masters of the Universe" setting by being of interest to young girls in the same way that "He-Man" appealed to young boys.

King Randor and Queen Marlena from planet Eternia had twins, a boy and a girl named Adam and Adora. Hordak, leader of the Evil Horde, kidnapped Adora and escaped to Etheria, where Adora was raised as a mind-controlled Force Captain of The Horde. Adora's uniform – which she continued to wear throughout the series, even after defecting to the Rebels – consisted of a red leotard with long white sleeves, red boots with matching gauntlets, and a black belt.

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