"Gray's Anatomy" is a reference book of human anatomy that was written by Henry Gray and illustrated by Henry Vandyke Carter. It was first published in London, England in 1858. The first edition was concerned with anatomy and descriptive and correct surgical procedures. Additionally, it provided very detailed illustrations of the human body. A print run of 2,000 copies was initially performed. The books were bound in brown, embossed bookbinder's cloth with gold-lettered “Gray's Anatomy” on the spine.

Dr. Gray during his life was among initial individuals to recognized the need for an affordable and accurate textbook for medical students. As of 2021, the book is still in print today and is be perhaps the best known of all medical books.

Henry Gray FRS (1827–1861) was a British anatomist and surgeon. He is a man who truly revolutionized the study of anatomy and the practice of surgery by publishing "Anatomy: Descriptive and Surgical" (Gray's Anatomy"). His very widely used anatomical textbook resulted with him being called the "Father of Modern Anatomy". This is done notwithstanding the fact that he was also a lecturer and curator at St. George’s Hospital in London, England.

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