Kiwi (or Kiwis) are flightless birds native to New Zealand. Their eggs are the biggest in relation to the size of their body among all the birds' species in the world! Kiwi are related to Malagasy, an extinct species of elephant birds. Kiwi are in danger nowadays! Two species of kiwi are vulnerable, one is endangered and one is critically endangered. Deforestation has affected kiwi very negatively, but now these birds are protected in special reservation areas and parks. The greatest threat for them nowadays is invasive predation.

The kiwi is a symbol bird of New Zealand, and the association is so strong that the word "Kiwi" is used internationally as the conversational demonym for the people of NZ.

Have you ever seen such a bird? They are funny, aren't they? And they need people's help to survive!

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