Within 56 kl (35 miles) east of Esperance, Western Australia this grand park features sweeping heathlands, rugged coastal peaks and white sandy beaches.

The most spectacular coastal scenery is found in the south-west corner of Cape Le Grand National Park where massive granite and gneiss (Gneiss (/ˈnaɪs/) is a common and widely distributed type of metamorphic rock) peaks rise from the coastal plain. The park's rolling heathlands are home to pygmy possums, western grey kangaroos and a diversity of colourful wildflowers including dense thickets of showy Banksia trees.

Sheltered nooks overlook the beach at Hellfire Bay, Lucky Bay and Thistle Cove.

The cape was named in 1792 by the French explorer Antonie Raymond Joseph De Brui Chevalier D'Entrecasteaux which makes us all pretty happy that he didn't name the place after himself.

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