Sorubim is a species of long-whiskered freshwater catfish native to tropical South America.

They typically inhabit major rivers where they prefer the main channels and tend to stay at maximum depth, but some species can also be seen in lakes, flooded forests, and other freshwater habitats. They have robust bodies, and are important food fish. Recently, their population size has been on the drastic decline due to a variety of factors including overfishing and habitat destruction due to the construction of hydroelectric dams.

Sorubim species, like other catfish, possess dorsal and pectoral fin spines.

Along with the lateral stripe, Sorubim species have a darkened dorsal surface, which is sometimes separated by a thinner, lighter-colored band. The dorsal surface may change its shade quickly with its surroundings. It may also display dark blotches or spots on its dorsal surface. The ventral part of the body is white or cream-colored. Light areas may appear golden or slate gray, often appearing iridescent. Young fish are more heavily pigmented than adults.

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