The Saruhashi Bridge is a historic arch bridge officially listed as a Place of Scenic Beauty of Japan in Ōtsuki, Yamanashi Prefecture. It is ranked as one of Japan's three unique bridges, along with the Kintai Bridge and the Shinkyo Bridge. It is also referred to as the monkey bridge, and is known as one of the "Japanese Sanky Bridges".

The bridge spans the gorge of the Katsura River and is the most well-known example of the 'hanebashi' design, in which the bridge is supported by a series of cantilever beams set in the opposing cliff faces.

It is unclear when a bridge was first constructed at the site of Sarubashi. Its name, "monkey bridge", is associated with a local legend in which monkeys bridged the chasm with their bodies so that a couple could cross during the Nara period, c. 610. A later story tells that the original rickety plank structure was so precarious that "only an agile monkey could cross it".

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