The 'Museum of Witchcraft and Magic', formerly known as the 'Museum of Witchcraft', is a museum dedicated to witchcraft and magic located in the village of Boscastle in Cornwall, south-west England. It houses exhibits devoted to folk magic, ceremonial magic, Freemasonry, and Wicca, with its collection of such objects having been described as the largest in the world.

Initially known as the 'Folklore Centre of Superstition and Witchcraft', it was located in the town of Castletown on the Isle of Man in 1951. Gardner purchased it from Williamson in 1954, renaming it the 'Museum of Magic and Witchcraft', establishing the museum in Boscastle in 1960.

In 2014, the museum came under the auspices of the Museum of British Folklore who added “Magic” to the museum’s title to better encapsulate the breadth of their interests, which include exhibits on “Crowleyian,” “Gardnerian,” and “Alexandrian,” practices alongside the traditional witchcraft displays.

The museum is a popular tourist attraction and is held in high esteem by the British occult community. The museum also contains a large library on related topics that is accessible to researchers. Since the museum's inception, other countries have been inspired to follow suit, but this is the original and most complete of all museums on the occult & witchcraft.

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