The American film titled ‘The Wedding Ringer’ was directed and co-written by Jeremy Garelick and released in 2015. It starred Kevin Hart, Josh Gad, and Kaley Cuoco.

The comedy plot is based on a groom who doesn’t have any friends to stand up with him in the wedding. As a result, Doug Harris (played by Josh Gad, born 1981) secures the best man rental services, advertised for guys who don’t have friends but need some for a wedding.

Doug needs a “Golden Tux”, a term in the movie referring to 7 groomsmen to match with his fiancée Gretchen’s bridesmaids. The role of the bride-to-be is played by Kaley Cuoco (born 1985).

The cost for the “Golden Tux” is $50,000 USD. The owner of the rental service named Jimmy (played by Kevin Hart) recruits three individuals to be a part of the groomsmen- a federal prison escapee, a man named Lurch (played by Jorge Garcia, born 1973) with a nagging wife and an airport security guard.

When the date of the wedding arrives, the family priest cancels so Doug suggests that Jimmy officiates. The movie continues with his groomsmen assuming fake names of famous sports figures followed by a bachelor party and a rehearsal dinner.

The film evolved from a specification script titled “The Golden Tux” that was purchased by Dimension Films as early as 2002

Despite receiving generally negative reviews, the film was a box office success, grossing over $79 million USD against a $23 million USD budget.

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