The DuMont TV Network became a latter-day obscurity that was caused mainly by the destruction of its extensive program archive by the end of the mid to late 1970s. Its failure subsequently prompted TV historian David Weinstein to refer to it as the "forgotten network".

The DuMont TV Network (aka, DuMont/Du Mont) was one of America's pioneer commercial television networks, rivalling NBC and CBS for the distinction of being first overall in the United States. It was owned by Allen B. DuMont Laboratories, a TV equipment and set manufacturer. It is a network that began operation in June 1942.

The network was specifically hindered by the prohibitive cost of broadcasting, a freeze on new television stations in 1948 by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that restricted the network's growth, and the company's big corporate partner, Paramount Pictures. Despite several innovations in broadcasting and the creation of one of TV's biggest stars of the 1950s, Jackie Gleason, the network never found the solution on how to create a real solid financial structure.

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