The Havanese dates back to 1500s and is a small and sturdy dog with a playful, affectionate personality. Overall, these smart dogs are good-natured and make great family dogs.

They are highly trainable and can learn tricks and perform in agility and obedience competitions. This clever dog will also make up its own games and train you to play them with him. The Havanese may also be used as a visiting therapy dog, especially if the dog has been well-socialized to not be timid with strangers.

The Havanese is the national dog of Cuba, an old breed and only native breed that was developed in Cuba when its canine ancestors came to Cuba from Spain in the early 1500s by way of Tenerife in the Canary Islands—the "islands of the dogs." The breed is believed to share lineage with the bichon.

The Havanese was a beloved pet of Cuban aristocrats and later became popular among wealthy Europeans, including Queen Victoria and Charles Dickens. This purebred dog is rare to find in Cuba now as the island is overrun with mixed-breed strays.

A Havanese will not do well if you must leave it alone for long periods. They crave companionship, are known to have separation anxiety, and may develop destructive habits due to being unhappy and bored.

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