"The Toff" (real name The Honourable Richard Rollison) is a serial character created by the prolific British crime writer John Creasey (1908-1973). He appears in almost 60 novels, the first published in 1938, and the last, posthumously, in 1977.

The nickname is there for a good reason. Rollison, in some ways, typifies the traditional image of an upper-class gentleman, and even, perhaps self-mockingly, has a calling card portraying a monocled figure with a top hat, bow-tie and monocle .It is perhaps worth noting that Creasey's own background was working class. That said, he is by no means averse to getting his hands dirty, either literally or metaphorically, and though, unlike some fictional sleuths, he does not actually have a hinterland of a life of crime, he bends the letter of the law when he sees fit.

Like most fictional sleuths, he has a sidekick - in his case, his valet Jolly, whose name provides a nice joke, as in his manner he is anything but jolly, although a loyal and astute companion to Rollison.

The stories have been adapted for film, television, theatre, and radio, on many occasions.

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