George Lawrence Price (1892 - 1918) was a Canadian soldier traditionally recognized as the last member of the British Empire to be killed during WWI. Born in Falmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, he was shot and died in Ville-sur-Haine, Belgium a few hours before the armistice took effect.

On November 11th, his Canadian Infantry Brigade was selected to lead an attack and continue to the village of Havre to secure all the bridges on the Canal du Centre.

The battalion advanced rapidly starting at 4:00 am, pushing back light German resistance and reaching their position by 9:00 am. It was at that time that his battalion received a message that an armistice had been reached- all hostilities would cease at 11:00 am.

Because their position along the canal was exposed to sniper fire on the opposite side of the canal, Price joined a patrol to cross the bridge and search the houses where they could see bricks had been knocked out from house dormers to create firing positions.

Searching the houses and discovering Germans still in the area, the Canadian patrol was able to out flank them. A Belgian family in one of the houses warned the Canadians to be careful as they followed the retreating Germans. Price was fatally shot in the left breast by a German sniper as he stepped into the street.

Pulled into one of the houses and treated by a young Belgian nurse who ran across the street to help, he died at 10:58 am, two minutes before the armistice took effect at 11:00 am.

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