The Jolly Fisherman is a poster created by artist John Hassall in 1908 after he had been commissioned by the Great Northern Railway (GNR). It is regarded as one of the most famous holiday advertisements of all time and is believed to have influenced the success of Skegness, Lincolnshire as a holiday destination. Hassall was paid 12 Guineas for his work, and the original painting hangs in the town hall at Skegness.

The poster depicts a fisherman skipping along the beach, with the slogan "Skegness is SO bracing". There are different versions of the poster, however, the fisherman and the slogan are always part of the design; one such later design, promoted by the LNER, showed the same fishermen design being tugged along the beach by a toddler hanging onto his scarf. He is now the mascot for Skegness and celebrated his 100th birthday in 2008.

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