"Rushmore" (1998) is a film that concerns an arrogant and clever, but dysfunctional student at an elite prep school. It is a coming-of-age comedy-drama that was directed by Wes Anderson and produced by Barry Mendel and Paul Schiff. The screenplay was written by Anderson and Owen Wilson. The film was edited by David Moritz and distributed by Buena Vista Pictures.

Events occur when a beautiful first-grade teacher (Olivia Williams as Rosemary Cross) arrives at a prep school; she soon attracts the attention of an ambitious teenager named Max Fischer (Jason Schwartzman), who quickly falls in love with her. Max turns to the father (Bill Murray) of two of his schoolmates for advice on how to woo the teacher. However, the situation soon gets complicated when Max's new friend becomes involved with Miss Cross, setting the two pals against one another in a war for her attention.

"Rushmore" was a critical and commercial success. It was praised as a "delightfully droll comedy" which, at times, appears to indulge itself a little too much. Some critics observed that the film brought up "many dark and weighty emotional objects". It did in the end try to conclude all of them in a "satisfying way".

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