"The Verdict," a 1982 movie about a drinking alcoholic who tries to pull himself together for one last step at salvaging his self-esteem. This is the film where a burned-out lawyer is trying very hard with one last case to keep from going under.

Paul Newman plays Frank Galvin, a Boston lawyer who has had problems over the years. He has lost a big job, had a messy divorce, and been in a disbarment hearing, with all events traceable in one way or another to his alcoholism. Frank has a "drinking problem" and as an attorney for a popular archdiocese this is what his condition is delicately called. It also means that he makes an occasional guest appearance at his law office and spends the rest of his day playing pinball and drinking beer. During evening hours, he is drinking Irish drinks and looking to see if there isn't at least one last lonely woman in the world who will buy his version of himself in preference to the facts.

"The Verdict" was directed by Sidney Lumet and written by David Mamet from Barry Reed's novel 'The Verdict'. It was produced by David Brown and Richard D. Zanuck. 20th Century Fox handled distribution. Paul Newman, Charlotte Rampling, Jack Warden, James Mason, Milo O'Shea, and Lindsay Crouse are key stars.

The film garnered critical acclaim; it was a box office success. "The Verdict" was nominated for 5 Academy Awards, including Best Actor in a Leading Role, Best Actor in a Supporting Role, Best Director, Best Picture, and Best Adapted Screenplay.

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