'Murraya paniculata', commonly known as 'orange jasmine', 'orange jessamine', 'china box' or 'mock orange', is a species of shrub or small tree in the family 'Rutaceae' and is native to South Asia, Southeast Asia and Australia. It has smooth bark, pinnate leaves with up to seven egg-shaped to elliptical leaflets, fragrant white or cream-coloured flowers and oval, orange-red berries containing hairy seeds.

'Murraya paniculata' grows in rainforest, often as an understorey shrub in vine thickets, including behind beaches. It is native to South and Southeast Asia, China and Australasia, the distribution area extends from Pakistan via India, Sri Lanka and southern China to Taiwan, the Philippines, the Ryūkyū Islands and the Mariana Islands, to the south via Malaysia and Indonesia to New Guinea and parts of Australia. In Australia it is native to the Kimberley region of Western Australia and the northern parts of the Northern Territory and parts of Queensland. The species has been naturalised in other places, sometimes becoming an invasive weed, including on many Pacific islands. In Queensland it is regarded as different from the cultivated form 'Murraya paniculata' 'Exotica' which is regarded as one of the top most invasive plant species in south-east Queensland.

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