The former U.S. astronaut who was CEO of Eastern Airlines was Frank Borman. In May 1975, Borman was elected president and chief operating officer by the board for Eastern Airlines. He was named chief executive officer (CEO) of Eastern in December 1975. He became chairman of the board in December 1976.

After Borman became Eastern's CEO, he saved the company $9 million annually in salaries by firing 81 middle managers and 31 vice presidents. He drove to work in a second-hand Chevrolet Camaro with an engine he rebuilt himself. He disliked specific aspects of American corporate culture which were excessive. This includes items such as plush offices, expensive company cars (Cadillac and Mercedes), etc.

Born (March 14, 1928) and named Frank Frederick Borman II, Frank's life has been one where besides working for Eastern Airlines, he has been a United States Air Force colonel, an aeronautical engineer, a test pilot, a forceful businessman, a rancher, and a NASA astronaut. His place of birth was Gary, IN and he has now lived 91 years. As a young man, he received a key education at the California Institute of Technology (1957). He was married in 1950 to his wife Susan Borman. They have had children, Edwin Borman, Frederick Borman. An important fact about Borman concerns his space missions at NASA: Apollo 8 and Gemini 7.

Borman now has an autobiography "Countdown" (1988). It covers West Point in 1946 to the day Borman resigned from Eastern Airlines in the summer of 1986.

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