The fort that Colonel George Washington surrendered as part of the French and Indian War of 1754 was Fort Necessity. Located in Fayetteville County, Pennsylvania, US, this early battle resulted in the surrender of British colonial forces to the French and Indians, under Lous Coulon de Villiers (1710-1757).

Washington had approximately 100 regulars from a South Carolina Independent Company plus 293 officers and men from the Virginia regiment to battle approximately 600 French regulars and Canadian militia and about 100 Indians. When the battle ended, casualties and losses were 31 killed and 70 wounded for Washington's forces and only 3 killed and 19 wounded for the French and Indians.

The battle had commenced at 11:00 am on July 3rd and concluded the following day when Washington and his troops surrendered and then abandoned Fort Necessity.

When Washington and his troops arrived back in eastern Virginia in mid-July, he delivered his report of the battle and surrender expecting a rebuke. Instead, he received a vote of thanks from the House of Burgesses and Governor Dinwiddie blamed the defeat not on Washington but on poor supplies and the refusal of aid by other colonies.

Today, the battlefield is preserved at Fort Necessity National Battlefield, and includes a reconstruction of Fort Necessity.

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