Succotash (from 'Narragansett sohquttahhash', "broken corn kernels") is a culinary dish consisting primarily of sweet corn with lima beans or other shell beans.

Because of the relatively inexpensive and more readily available ingredients, the dish was popular during the Great Depression in the United States.

It was sometimes cooked in a casserole form, often with a light pie crust on top as in a traditional pot pie. Succotash is a traditional dish of many Thanksgiving celebrations in New England, as well as in Pennsylvania and other states.

"Sufferin' succotash" is a catchphrase used by Looney Tunes cartoon characters Sylvester the Cat and Yosemite Sam. "My supper dish, my succotash wish" is a line from the 1990 dance record "Groove Is in the Heart" recorded by 'Deee-Lite'.

"Make a wish, make a succotash wish" is a line from the 'Alien Ant Farm' song 'Wish' from their 2001 album 'Anthology'. "Succotash" is the title of the first track from Herbie Hancock's 1963 album 'Inventions and Dimensions'.

In an episode of the Saturday morning cartoon show 'Casper and the Angels' titled "The Impossible Scream", two recurring characters named Nerdley and Fungo sit down at a restaurant and attempt to order succotash with toast, a kaiser roll, and a cinnamon bun, being successively told every time by an increasingly frustrated waiter that they are out of succotash. Ultimately, they try to order succotash by itself, much to the waiter's exasperation.

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