Yorushika is a duo from Japan, formed in 2017. They consist of N-Buna, a well known former vocaloid, and Suis, the vocalist. The lyrics and production are done by N-Buna, while the powerful voice you hear listening to their music belongs to Suis. They are known for the albums "That's Why I Gave Up On Music" and "Elma".

The albums revolve around the story of Amy, a struggling and terminally ill musician who later on took his own life, and Elma, taught music by Amy, who then made his legacy alive by turning them into songs. They come along with Elma's diary written by N-Buna.

Most of the time, the lyrics are philosophical, and mirrors the humans' ugly side that we refuse to face. "Plagiarism" and "Creation" albums focused particularly on this dark and ugly side, once again with a novel that comes along these two albums that are about a plagiarist and his wife.

There's also a song "Hitchcock" from an earlier album "A Loser Doesn't Need an Encore" about losing the will to live and just enjoying the last days of your life. Spouting philosophical lyrics that will make you think about life in general. On par with this is the song "That's Why I Gave Up On Music".

Did you also know that they have never publicized their identity? They want their music to be viewed as they are, and for the listeners to interpret the music however they want to. Thus the secrecy of their identities. As of now, only Suis' silhouette can be seen on the video about their latest concert.

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