Julia Roberts is a wife determined to get away from a murderous husband in the film titled "Sleeping with the Enemy" (1991). After faking her death in order to flee from her violent husband, Martin (Patrick Bergin), Laura Burney (Julia Roberts) leaves Cape Cod and moves to Iowa. This is where she adopts a new identity and starts dating a local teacher, Ben Woodward (Kevin Anderson). Martin, meanwhile, unearths evidence suggesting that she isn't dead. When her mother confirms this, he tracks Laura to Iowa. He finds Laura and Ben and confronts them, forcing her to fight for her life once again.

"Sleeping with the Enemy" is an American romantic psychological thriller. It was directed by Joseph Ruben and produced by Leonard Goldberg. The film is based on Nancy Price's 1987 novel 'Sleeping with the Enemy'. The film's screenplay was written by Ronald Bass and Bruce Joel Rubin. Roberts plays a strong woman who does all that she can think of doing to escape from a very abusive husband.

The film "Sleeping with the Enemy" was released theatrically in February 1991. At the time of its film release, it received many negative reviews from the critics. It was able, notwithstanding the critics, to be a success at the box office, grossing $175 million on a production budget of $19 million.

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