The word refection comes from French 'réfection', and from Latin 'refectiōnem', accusative singular of 'refectiō' (“recovery, refection”), from 'reficiō' (“restore, renew”).

Refection means physical refreshment, especially, with food or drink (i.e., a meal).

Example sentences:

1. The peaceful hours of the sacred night demand refection.

2. I may add that in composing this masterpiece I have not spent or wasted more leisure than is required for my bodily refection - food and drink to you!

3. The Jewish celebration of 'Rosh Hashana' offers hope, refection, and plenty of food for thought.

4. Undaunted, he asked what was the very best that the local area had to offer by way of refection.

5. The diner offered the hungry truckers refection.

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