'Kuuma koira' is a fast food cuisine created in the 1960's in the Finnish town of Nokia. The term 'Kuuma koira' is Finnish for "Hot dog", but the ingredients differ so much that 'Kuuma koira' is a completely different cuisine. The dish is not well known outside Pirkanmaa region, but Nokia holds an annual International 'Kuuma koira' Day in March every year to celebrate the cuisine.

Reportedly, some thousands of 'Kuuma koiras' are eaten at the local grills on that date.

The dish was conceived in 1960's by Teodor Leppänen (1902–1978), a fast food grill owner from Nokia. The most well known story about the invention says that he had been selling apple jelly doughnuts with coffee and steamed sausages. Combining the surplus ingredients to save some money, he created 'Kuuma koira'.

In the following decades, other grill owners in the area copied the dish, and it became a staple in the local fast food scene. In the end of the first decade of the millennium, 'MTV3 Ennätystehdas' record making show had Mikko Salonen from Nokia eating four and a half 'Kuuma koiras' in 5 minutes on a live broadcast, creating a new official record. Around the same time, the International 'Kuuma koira' Day was held for the first time. These events together propelled the cuisine to the knowledge of all Finns, further aided by Finnish 'Grillit Huurussa' fast food program on 'Nelonen' TV channel in 2016.

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