Dating from 1892, Royal Sovereign was probably the pinnacle of Thomas Laxton's strawberry-breeding career, so much so he could be considered the 'father' of the modern strawberry. It was an extremely popular variety between 1920 and 1960 and was even served at Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation banquet. The fact that it is still sought after is a testament to its versatility. Thomas Laxton (1830 – 6 August 1893) was a plant breeder and a correspondent of Charles Darwin, best known for his hybridisation of peas.

Although the plants are not as large as modern varieties, the yield a little smaller and its shelf life not as long as some, its superb flavour makes up for all this, and when you're growing your own the taste is the most important factor. This truly is a fantastic strawberry with a wonderful traditional flavour. The fruits have a high juice content and are very sweet.

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