DeSoto (sometimes De Soto) was an American automobile marque that was manufactured and marketed by the DeSoto Division of Chrysler Corporation from 1928 to the 1961 model year. The DeSoto make was founded by Walter Chrysler on August 4, 1928, to compete with Pontiac, Studebaker, Hudson, and Willys in the mid-price class. This make served as a lower-priced version of Chrysler products, with Dodge positioned above DeSoto, while Plymouth was added as the entry-level product of the Chrysler hierarchy in 1928.

The DeSoto Airflow was an automobile built by DeSoto during model years 1934, 1935, and 1936. The company introduced the then-revolutionary Airflow model due to its price structure relationship to larger and more expensive Chrysler brand cars. The 1934 Airflow models are noted for their unique styling. They generate interest for their engineering innovations. The Desoto Airflow was a result of Chrysler Corporation's policy of badge engineering, being mechanically identical to the Chrysler Airflow.

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