The locations on the standard British version of the board game Monopoly are set in London and were selected in 1935 by Victor Watson, managing director of John Waddington Limited. Watson became interested in the board game after his son Norman had tried the Parker Brothers original US version and recommended the company produce a board for the domestic market.

The London version of the game was successful, and in 1936 it was exported to Continental Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, becoming the de facto standard board in the British Commonwealth. It became such a success in the UK that Waddingtons ran Monopoly competitions in locations depicted on the board; one such contest was held on platforms 3 and 4 of Fenchurch Street station.

There are four roads used: Old Kent Road, Whitechapel Road, Euston Road and Pentonville Road.

There are two squares used: Leicester Square and Trafalgar Square.

There is only one avenue used: Northumberland Avenue.

There is inly one lane used: Park Lane.

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