One of the most popular singers of the world was born on the 29th of August, 1958. It seems like fame had been following Michael from the very childhood. Aged 5, he started his career of a singer as a part of the family business.

From the late 70s, Michael started drifting apart from the family business and concentrated on his solo career.

In 1982, the artist finally managed to set the world of music on fire with his immortal "Thriller" album. The release brought him 8 Grammies while the single "Thriller" became a legend. A year later, the singer presented his incredible "moon walk" - this style of dancing became a kind of Jackson's signature.

In the early 90s, Michael was under a strong psychological pressure. The accusations of child sexual abuse and his divorce with Presley's daughter made him aloof and soul-sick. The continuous depression led him to creative block, which he couldn't overcome for some time.

In 2009, Jackson was going to release a new album but the singer's plans were ruined by his tragic death on the 25th of June.