"Love You Inside Out" is a 1979 hit single by the Bee Gees from their album, Spirits Having Flown. It reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 for one week in June 1979, interrupting Donna Summer's "Hot Stuff", becoming the third single from the album to do so.

"Love You Inside Out" was a milestone single for the Bee Gees, earning them a permanent place in rock history when it reached number one on the US Billboard charts.

1. It was the group's ninth number one single in the US (tenth if you include "Lonely Days", which reached number one on the Cashbox charts in 1971), more number one singles than any other 1970s artist.

2. It was The Bee Gees sixth consecutive number one single in a single year. The only other group to achieve this was The Beatles.

3. It was the third consecutive number one single from Spirits Having Flown, which followed three consecutive number one singles from their previous album Saturday Night Fever. At that point, no other artist had ever had three consecutive number one singles from two successive albums.

4. At the time, it placed them fourth among all artists with number one singles (9) and fourth in total weeks (27) at number one.

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