Drambuie is a sweet, gold-colored liqueur with a Scotch whisky base that is accented with the flavors of Scottish heather honey, herbs, and spices. It's produced in Scotland and has become a staple in bars across the world.

Drambuie liqueur is a drink that’s fit for royalty. A Royal Apothecary first invented it as a gift to the then claimant-to-the-throne of Great Britain, Charles Edward Stuart (also known as Bonnie Prince Charlie). This liqueur’s grandeur is also reflected in its name, as it comes from the Scots’ Gaelic words 'an dram buidheach' which translates to “the drink that satisfies.”

It has an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 40 percent. This liqueur was first bottled in 1909. Nowadays, this drink is solely produced by one manufacturer. Reportedly, only three people in the world know the Drambuie recipe and one of those is responsible for blending it. The brand doesn't reveal too much about its production, either. The whisky is a blend of malts from the Speyside and Highland regions of Scotland. This is then sweetened with Scottish heather honey and infused with herbs and spices.

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